Privacy | Wehookup Online Dating

1. Introduction


Welcome to the website (the “Site”) operated by XXX(Registration Number: ‘00000). We respect The Client’s privacy. To learn more, please read this Privacy Policy.

1.1 The Privacy Policy is meant to make the Client understand how their data will be processed, stored, used, and secured by Wehookup. The Client is advised to read along with the Terms & Conditions set by Wehookup in its entirety. If the Client at any point feels their Data is not in safe hands or in violation of Our Privacy Policy, they should immediately discontinue the use of the Site.

1.2 All the Client Data is secured by Wehookup; if any Data is used, it will be under the guidelines of this privacy policy or as allowed by the law.

1.3 The Data is kept with Wehookup as long as the Client is registered on the Site; after termination or discontinuation of the account, the entireClient’s Data will automatically be nullified.

1.4 The Site can be browsed without registering an account; during that time, the Client will remain anonymous until he/she registers or signs in on our Site.

2. Data Collection

All the relevant Data of the Client will be collected on registration of the account.

2.1 When the Client registers with Wehookup, information like complete name and address, financial history, bank details, and other such data will be collected and at some point shared with the Provider.

2.2 Data provided to the Provider by Wehookup is our responsibility; if shared by the Client with the Provider, then it becomes the Client’s responsibility.

2.3 Any compromise in Data where the Client has shared it personally with the Provider, the damages arising due to such activity will be the Client’s responsibility. No such claims of damage will be entertained by Wehookup.

2.4 Similarly, Data collected by Wehookup can be used for future campaigns or in marketing as long as it satisfies the Privacy Policy guidelines and the law. The Client cannot claim any profits in such scenarios.

2.5 We take the Clients’ Data very seriously and protect it with the latest encryption software; however,data loss due to any technical faults beyond our control cannot be held against Wehookup.

3. Security

Wehookup is an online marketplace where thousands of Clients entrust us with their Data.

3.1 All The Client Data collected by Wehookup is stored on secured servers guarded by firewalls and the latest software.

3.2 Wehookup makes sure that the Client’s data is safe from any technical or natural catastrophe; however, if such a scenario does occur and the loss of Data causes damage to the Client, Wehookup will cover up all such damages after proper inquiry and investigation.

3.3 Wehookup also advises all their Clients to be vigilant regarding the protection of their Data, never sharetheir password or financial detail with any other Client.

3.4 Similarly, all the Data shared by the Client with the Provider is not our responsibility but becomes Wehookup responsibility if shared by us.

4. User Rights

The Client is protected by Law and has his own rights when using the Site.

4.1 If at any point the client feels the need to access or see how and when their data is used by Wehookup, they have the right to request access to the concerning statistic.

4.2 If the Client feels the data is misleading or has some inaccuracies, it is their right to ask Wehookup to change or update such errors.

4.3 If the Client feels their privacy is compromised, they can request Wehookup to stop using, sharing, and storing their data with the Provider or for marketing purposes.

4.4 Any losses suffered after that withoutthe client’s concerns will solely be their responsibility and will not be held against Wehookup or the Provider.