Refund Policy | Wehookup Online Dating

Wehookup ensures a safe and smooth dealing between the Client and the Provider; however, if the Client feels unsatisfied about a service or product, they are advised to follow the following guidelines.

1. Wehookup has a 30-day refund policy starting from the day purchase was made; if the Client returns it after 30 days, those items or receipts of services will not be entertained.

2. If an item or a product was purchased, it should be returned in its original packing; all the orders received on the contrary will not be considered.

3. All the perishable items are not returnable and will not be entertained as such.

4. Similarly, if the Client has purchased the items on sale or at a discount, such products cannot be returned.

5. All the products or items listed as returnable will be sent to our Client’s offices through the mail. The Client will pay all the necessary shipping charges.

6. Wehookup on receiving such returned goods will make the refund to the Client only after proper inspection. If the product does not merit a refund, such items will be shipped back to the Client at their own expense.

7. Refunds on the returned goods will be made by the method the original payment was received, either through a credit card, bank transaction, or any other lawful payment method. Please note cash will not be involved during the initial purchase or the subsequent return.

8. The Client under no circumstances will be eligible to use cash or receive cash. All such purchases will be considered null and void.

9. If the Client has not received their refund, they are advised to check with their credit card company or the bank. Refund payments take time, exhaust all the lines of inquiries; if the payment is not received after that, the Client is advised to get in contact with Wehookup through email.

10. The Client is advised to request a return on only damaged goods. Wehookup reserves the right not to entertain any refunds or changes for products in good health or working condition.

11. Wehookup overall reserves all the rights regarding the refund and returning of a product;the Client has to accept the final decision. We can seek legal help for all the queries deemed unfit or if a clash of interests arises.