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1. Introduction

Thank you for visiting directory.wehookup.com referred to as “we”, “our,” or “Wehookup.”We are an online marketplace and the following are the Terms &Conditions that binds us and the user referred to as “the Client.” Wehookup website, referred to as “the Site,” is an internet property of Wehookup

1.1 The Client, on entering the Site, hereby accepts all the Terms & Conditions of Wehookup along with its privacy policy.

1.2 Wehookup reserves the right to update or modify the clauses in Terms & Conditions without any prior notification to the Client.

1.3 The Client is strongly advised to periodically read the Terms & Conditions of Wehookup.

1.4 Any damage, be it physical or financial, occurring due to a change in Terms & Conditions, will not be held against Wehookup by the Client.

1.5 If such a scenario does occur, we are entitled to begin legal proceedings and protect our interests both financially and commercially.

2. Privacy Policy

Please refer to Our Privacy Policy page and read it in its entirety.

2.1 Personal information referred to as “The Data” of the Client is strictly monitored and secured by Wehookup according to Privacy Policy and the applicable law.

2.2 If the Privacy Policy or any of its clauses are a reason of contention for the Client, Wehookup advises discontinuing usage of the Site.

2.3 Any kind of damage suffered by the Client in this regard will not be entertained by Wehookup and a necessary legal process will be initiated to protect our interests.

3. Account Registration

To start using our services, the Client has to register their account on the Site.

3.1 The Client must accept that they are registering the account on their own accord and all the relevant personal information provided is their own choice.

3.2 The account has to be registered by the Client under the fair usage policy as stated by Wehookup. The Clients are advised to read the usage policy under section 6 of the Terms & Conditions.

3.3 The Client is liable to provide accurate information to avoid future discomfort.

3.4 By registering on the Site, the Client has consented to all our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy clauses.

3.5 The Client should accept that all his/her information will be collected by Wehookup and the third parties referred to as “The Providers.”

3.6 Although the Client’s information is closely guarded; however, if Wehookup compromises any personal information, necessary compensations would be made.

3.7 If the client’s personal information is compromised due to their negligence, Wehookup would not be held responsible.

3.8 Wehookup will distance itself entirely from such claims and would seek legal help.

3.9 Wehookup reserves the right to block or terminate an account without any notification or warning if deemed necessary to protect its commercial and financial interests.

3.10 The Client of such accounts cannot hold Wehookup accountable for any losses, be it physical or monetary.

4. The Providers

Wehookup does not sell any services but brings the Client and the Provider on a single platform.

4.1 Any Data provided by the Client to the Provider will not be owned, monitored, or secured by Wehookup. The Client is responsible and cannot hold Wehookup accountable if there is a compromise.

4.2 Similarly, we are not responsible for any damages, physical or financial,arising from the negligence of the Provider. The Client shall not hold Wehookup responsible for such scenarios.

4.3 Wehookup can look into such matters but will not promise any solutions, compensations, or legal help to the Client.

4.4 Wehookup does not own any Provider nor do we guarantee their services;the Client is solely responsible for protecting his Data and all the profits and losses occurring thereon.

4.5 If held responsible by the Client regarding any losses due to the Provider, we have a right under applicable law for a legal procession.

5. Availability

The Site is always accessible and kept up to date to ensure a smooth experience.

5.1 The Site periodically undergoes maintenance or the addition of new content, if not accessible by the Client during such times, any loss of Data or any other loss suffered by the Client will not be admissible.

5.2 Since Wehookup operates on the internet, any damages suffered by the Client and the subsequent claims due to unavailability or bad internet will not be entertained.

6. Usage Policy

Wehookup is a public domain; the Client is advised to adhere to all the usage policy clauses mentioned below:

6.1 The Client is responsible for keeping their passwords and any data used to access the Site confidential. Any loss occurring due to such negligence will not be held against Wehookup.

6.2 The Client is liable to give accurate information to the Provider and Wehookup; any damage claims by the Client will not be entertained in this regard.

6.3 Wehookup and the Provider reserve the right to not give any service to the Client without telling a valid reason or a prior notification if commercial and financial interests are jeopardized.

6.4 The Client must never share, use or distribute any other Clients Data without their prior consent. If found so, Wehookup will take legal action under the applicable law.

6.5 We are a public domain; the Client is advised to refrain from any hate speech, racial indiscrimination, religious comments, sexual remarks, or any other such activities that might hurt the sentiments of any sect.

6.6 All such accounts will be banned or terminated without any reason and notifications, if necessary under the applicable law, legal advice will be sought.

6.7 The Site is to be used responsibly and should not be used for any unlawful or fraudulent activity or promote them.

6.8 Any review, question, or content posted by the Client on the Site becomes the intellectual property of Wehookup and can be used for our future campaigns and promotions.

6.9 The Client is advised to discontinue using their account on the Site even if one of the above clauses clashes with their own personal interests; Wehookup under no circumstances will compromise on their Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

6.10 Any claims made by the Client will not be entertained and will be considered as defamation; Wehookup will fiercely protect their commercial and financial interests in this regard and will seek legal help.